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Things to consider before driving for Uber

Driving for Uber may seem like an easy income fix, but it is not. There are several blogs and drivers who have shared in their experience, all of which do not point to thousands and thousands of dollars of extra income. Below I have listed some of my favorite blogs which do a great job of highlighting what it’s like to be an Uber driver; I have also highlighted several of their key points (spark notes for your research). These can be great resources to explore in figuring out if becoming an Uber driver is right for you.​

Do you have a cost effective car?

-- Cost of ownership – car payment, insurance, maintenance

Do you have another source of income?

--If you drive Uber full time, then expect to be in the car for more than 12 hours a day, mostly in the morning or at      night when other people aren’t working

Are you social and do you like interacting with strangers?

--This could be one of the biggest things to consider. I find that all of the rides I converse with the rider, the better off my rating is for that trip will be

  • This site is hands down the most helpful in terms of where to find solid information. I didn’t include a specific link because there is so much there that you should start at their home page

  • This is another great site to help with finding answers to your rideshare questions

  • This is actually a company who sells in car advertising. While they are experiencing some growing pains (based off of what the reviews have said), look for them to become a more well-known name in the rideshare industry.

  • $11.12 an hour driving in Pittsburgh

  • Be smart to maximize your earnings

  • This site is actually a promotion for a book called, “ So you want to drive for Uber?”, but brings to question many things to think about before becoming a driver and a great anecdotal  personal experience

  • Bankrate is always a great site for finances, but here are 6 things they say to review

    • Don’t quit your day job

    • Drive part time

    • Sign up for multiple things to take advantage of you time (lyft, uber delivery)

    • Review insurance policy

    • Need to pay estimated taxes

    • Brakes will go quickly

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