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Uber's 180 days of change reviewed: July 2017 - Support

For our next installment of 180 Day of Change Reviewed, we come to July. While July's improvements may seem like a no-brainer, it is hard to believe that it took Uber so long to implement some of these things such as 24/7 phone support. Now, if your bored at 4 in the morning, you have someone to talk to!

All of the hyperlinks will direct you to Uber's specific webpage that addresses the subject, please use them for more information

July 2017: Support

Possibly one of the most infuriating things about Uber (until now) was having to go in to a Greenlight Location to get support. Most Uber drivers are part time and have day jobs (like myself), so it was next to impossible to be able to address any issues. While I haven't had the pleasure of speaking with someone from Uber over the phone, I'm sure it has its issues, but a huge improvement from what it once was. I do think that the in app support messaging is great and they are very responsive.

Verdict: Kudos to Uber

While this has never been a problem of mine because I have maintained a 5-star rating over the past year, for those of you who drive with Uber full time, the rating system is your livelihood. Without a good rating, you are put under a microscope and aren't given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to rider issues. Here is what Uber's website has to say about the changes they have made:

"When a rider gives a bad rating for something out of your control, such as price or issues with the Uber app, we’ll remove it from your overall rating. This way, your rating is a more accurate reflection of your driving and service"

Verdict: About time! Ain't nobody got time for that

This has only happened twice to me, but when it did happen, I was still driving around waiting for my next trip request, so I was more than happy to make a quick trip back and save myself a headache tomorrow of having to return the items. Each time I was tipped for being nice and coming back so quickly, but I can assume this has not been the same experience that other drivers have shared. Because I have yet to have this happen, I do not know if this is a flat $15 that Uber charges the rider then gives to you or if they take their 20% haircut on it, but it does seem like a fair amount. Can't wait to see what happens when someone refuses to pay to get their phone back....

Verdict: Good on you Uber

Again, another thing that I haven't had to use, yet, but I want to believe that this is like scheduling an appointment at your bank: your still going to have to wait if its busy. I wouldn't trust it, so show up to the Greenlight Location expecting the DMV, and hopefully you are pleasantly surprised.

Verdict: meh, meh, meh

*** As always, all of the views expressed in this piece are the views of the author. No one has been paid or compensated for this piece, nor do they expect to ***

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